Our Vision

By 2030, Buildings and more will service 70 percent of all construction projects in Africa.



Buildings and More Limited is an E-commence online and mobile commerce company founded in 2019. Our aim is to stand out as one of the world’s largest E-commence space in few years and based on the strategies and models we have put in place; we expect it to be very successful. We provide numerous business opportunities for small and medium enterprises to leverage the innovative technology to compete efficiently domestically and globally. Our marketing strategies, promotion, distribution channel will ensure that optimal productivity is achieve over time, and quality services is provided to all our users. we have put into considerations key factors to ensuring success such as the specific marketing strategies, various challenges, its strong branding image, superior customer value proposition, better shopping experience we want to bring, huge sales volume and economies of scale.

What We See

Buildings and more Limited will become the prized investment prospect among investors in the space of 5 years because it would have proven to be one of the world’s leading B2B E-commerce corporations both in Nigeria and globally. We make it stress free for everyone to access and give professional services online as well as buying and selling of a wide variety of products.