Become a Real Estate Provider

Buildings & More provides a platform that allows real estate vendors to sell their real estate services directly to Buildings & More customers within their area and to everyone who visits the website in search of specific real estate options. With both the online platform and the App, real estate vendors can easily register and post their property on the platform for the users to see.


Low registration cost

There is a low start-up fee; vendors/agents pay monthly or yearly subscription fees as will be shown in the break down below. Vendors/agents can also pay to promote your services and this covers periodic advertisements section on the front page of the web site under “featured” section depending on the period you chose or as banners.

No Middle Men Needed

The platform eliminates the need for middle men during renting, leasing or selling your property as an individual or as a real estate vendor. This removes complications and hiked prices as a result so many downlinks during profit sharing.

Must not be an Agency or a Professional

Anybody can do this as long as the you have the authority as an owner or from an owner to carry out a particular aspect of the services.

Leverage the trust of Buildings & More

By registering on our platform, you have a direct reach to Buildings & More customers within your area to grow your business.

How selling Real Estate Services on Buildings & More works

1. Get discovered

Customers can easily find and engage your services while shopping on Buildings & More web site while some may come for the purpose of looking for the right property to either buy, rent or lease. Your services will also show up with related products.

How to Start

Check out our requirement before you continue

Go to Buildings and More home page and Click on Register as a “Member” then select the real estate section and complete the process and start selling your services.

Requirements to Sell Handyman Services on Buildings & More

Indeminity Insurance

You are required to provide an indemnity acquired from a court of competent jurisdiction indemnifying Buildings And More of any issues arising from the sell, lease or rent of such properties or other actions there of relating to the transaction.

Licensing for Trade Professions

If you are a registered Real Estate Company trying to enlist your property with Buildings And More, you will be required to provide appropriate license/certification information required by applicable laws or regulations and for non trade profession, your complete CAC registration document is required.

Cost to sell services on buildings & more

There are NO Sign-up Fees and but a renewable Monthly/Yearly Subscription Fees apply as shown in the table below and there is also a Promotion and Advertisement Fees for banners. (For this send an email to or use the promotion option on your real estate home page. There is also a revenue share payment of 5% for commission on transactions facilitated by Buildings and More. Buildings & More deducts the fees as a % of the service cost, excluding any taxes collected through Buildings & More tax collection services for remittance to FIRS.