Become a Handyman Provider

A handyman is a person that has the required skills at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home/office services. These tasks include trade skills, repair work, maintenance works both interior and exterior, and are sometimes described as "side work", "odd jobs" or "fix-up tasks", depending on your geographic location. Handyman can also be referred to as a fixer, handyperson or handy worker.

Selling Handyman Services on Buildings & More platform is a B2C business services that allows all handymen to sell their handyman services directly to Buildings & More customers within their area and to everyone who visits the website in search of specific handyman.

With both the online platform and the App, handymen can easily discover and select sort-after-services and jobs in their area that fit their handyman qualifications and skills.


No registration cost

There are no start-up fees, no subscribers pay and no monthly subscription fees.

Available jobs opportunities

Real jobs and other opportunities abound and this platform creates the necessary linkage between you and the end users. You can easily secure real customer jobs within your location and beyond.

Only Qualified Handymen

Buildings & More invites, screens and selects only qualified handyman service providers and this adds more credibility and customer confidence.

Leverage the trust of Buildings & More

By registering on our platform, you have a direct reach to Buildings & More customers within your area to grow your business.

How selling Handyman Services on Buildings & More works

1. Get discovered

Customers can easily find and engage your services while shopping on Buildings & More web site, while some may come for the purpose of looking for a handyman. Your services will also show up with related products.

We can also tie your services to some specific products so that once customers make purchases, they automatically see you as a services provider but this extra benefit comes to those that pay for advertisement under get discovered at Buildings and More.

2. Buildings & More sends you jobs

Receive actual jobs when customers order your pre-packaged services.

How to Start

Check out our requirement before you continue

Stage 1: Application

apply, get approved, recieve an activation e-mail

Stage 2: Account Registration

Open the activation URL and follow the procedure

Stage 3: Background Reviews

B&M will run background checks on your technical qualifications and CAC Reg.

Stage 4: Account Set Up By You

Put your area of coverage, services you are qualified to offer

Stage 5: The Jobs Start Following In

Be ready to make our customers happy

Requirements to Sell Handyman Services on Buildings & More

General Liability Insurance

All Buildings & More Home Services providers are required to carry General Liability insurance with a minimum of #10,000.00 Nigerian Naira per occurrence. You will be required to provide your insurance information during validation and registration. This insurance will appear on your dashboard for customers to see and this will help increase your credibility.

Licensing for Trade Professions

You may be required to provide appropriate license/certification information required by applicable laws or regulations and for non-trade profession; your valid means of identification, complete CAC registration documents alongside you TIN (Tax Identification Number) are required but not compulsory.

Cost to sell services on buildings & more

There are NO Sign-up Fees and NO renewable Monthly Subscription Fees but you can advertise for your profile on any section of our advert and/or banner areas. You can see more information about payments on the website or your handyman dashboard. If you need more information, please send an email to